A new space.  White walls, a squeaky, wooden floor.

Agata, Vincent and Christophe in a new space. White walls, a squeaky, wooden floor. Windows without curtains.

Agata, Vincent and Christophe in a new space. White walls, a squeaky, wooden floor. Windows without curtains. Two columns.

In the corner, a black platform. (2 weeks. Winter.)

Agata on a black platform, Vincent with a lamp, Christophe playing. Natalia looking for something. (2 weeks. Spring.)

Agata under the black platform on wheels, Vincent shining with the lamp, Christophe listening. Natalia watching on. Hanna sits next to the wall, Leon stands behind Joanna. Olga lies down by Zbyszek.

Agnieszka blocks Mateusz’s vision, Marek touches Waldek. Piotr approaches, Agata disappears. Jan doesn’t know Mrs Abdoulaye. Piotr avoids Tomek. Danuta enters.

That is the landscape in the Komuna interiors.

Idea, execution: Agata Maszkiewicz, Vincent Tirmarche, Christophe Demarthe
text: Vincent Tirmarche, Agata Maszkiewicz
music: Christophe Demarthe
costumes: Natalia Mleczak

Premiere: 9–11 May 2019

Further dates:

3 September, KOMUNA WARSZAWA, Warsaw, Poland

The project is part of a LANDSCAPE year in Komuna Warszawa.

Komuna Warszawa – Residencies 2019–2022

The year 2019 at Komuna Warszawa will be a year of LANDSCAPE.

A year of landscape and landschaft, and paysage.

A year of lanscape as a possible theatrical genre, a performative and performer landscape. A year of multidisciplinary landscapes brought to life by the invited artists at the Komuna venue.

Imagine your landscape.

Is your landscape natural or not at all? Are you there? Or are you looking at it? Experiencing or describing it? Or perhaps you think of it in a different way altogether?

The curatorial idiom for the year 2019 is Landscape. The word brings many associations: with humanities, social sciences, arts, but also with natural sciences. The objective of selecting this idiom is to inspire artists in the broadly conceived performative arts to create multidisciplinary works that transcend genres, works based on non-obvious collaborations and associations. The idea of the landscape is broadly conceived so as to avoid imposing an outlook on the artists but to suggest some possible points of departure. The word landscape and its idea may refer to an objective reality (or perception), but also to its representation. Hence the work on a “landscape” performance assumes creative negotiation between experience and representation (and reflection on strategies of representation). Landscape is something perceived, thus working on it entails reflection on contemporary regimes of visibility and invisibility. We also pose the question of “naturalness” of landscape, joining in the important discourse of the age of Anthropocene. The idea of landscape also refers to the theoretical current that conceives of theatre (or more broadly, performing arts) as a kind of landscape art. We are inspired by visual arts, which have long ago taken up the issue of landscape. The objective of the year-long curatorship is to create works that will present audiences with a map of contemporary landscapes, realised in different paradigms and with a variety of media and aesthetics.

This year’s residents are Agata Maszkiewicz and Rafał Urbacki, distinguished dance artists, both perform and create choreographies. Their works focus on the motif of the body as landscape. The artists invited represent differing artistic techniques and their actions will revolve around bodies of differing motor skills, normative and alternative. Alongside the mapping the body on the basis of Maszkiewicz’s unique artistic style, Urbacki will develop reflection on the sick body – he is one of the few Polish performing artists to explore the narratives and debates surrounding the corporality of the terminally ill. The presentation of the works of both artists may prove to be a landmark artistic event: as Agata Maszkiewicz lives and works in France, her works are long overdue a confrontation with the Polish audience, while the works of Rafał Urbacki have long been absent from Warsaw.

In addition to the invited residents, Komuna will host young artists selected via an open call: Dobrawa Borkała, Wojciech Grudziński, Klaudia Hartung-Wójciak. They will receive support and artistic oversight. The programme “Landscape” will see the creation of new performances by Komuna Warszawa (dir. Grzegorz Laszuk) and Weronika Szczawińska with collaborators.