POLSKA (2009)

“POLSKA” is based on sympathy and empathy. Using dance, performance, music and video the show, with a subtle sense of humor, leads the spectators to react physically to what they see.   They might think of embarrassment. They surely deal with their own projections. They might think about performance and performativity, about results and success as well as failures and injuries. The dancer wears a sprinter costume and her body can definitely not escape to its cultural nature.


Concept, Dance and Choreography: Agata Maszkiewicz
Video, Sound & Light: Vincent Tirmarche
Music: Miles Davis “Bitches Brew”, The Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the devil”, Ensemble from Gabin, Mazovie/Piotr Figurski/Piotr Klys “Oberek”
Production: VierHochDrei/ Lisa Schmidt
Difusion: AUTOMOBILE/Marlies Pucher automobile1@gmx.at
Coproduction: Workspace Brussels, imagetanz/brut Wien and Art Stations Foundation Poznan
Supported by: Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien and  Bundesministerium fur Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur
photo: Vincent Tirmarche
premiere: march 2009, Imagetanz festival, Brut, Vienna


16th &17th March 2009 brut theatre/Vienna/Austria

17th&18th April 2009 Working title festival/Beurschouwburg/Bruxsel/Belgium

25th April  2009 Art Stations Foundations/Poznan/Poland

9th October 2009 Tanz Quartier Wien/TanzNacht/Vienna/Austria

19th &20th March 2010 /BUDA Kunsten Centrum/Kortrijk/Belgium

27th &28th July  2011 Ha Zira  Theatre/ Jerusalem/ Israel

30th July 2011 Acco/Israel

22nd September 2011 festival L1/Budapest/Hungary

12th April 2012 CSW/Warszawskie Spotkanie Taneczne/Warsaw/Poland

Mai 2012 Tanzhaus Nrw/Dusseldorf/Germany

7th June 2012 Alfred ve Dvore/Prague/Czech Republic

July 2012 Malta Festival/Art Stations Foundation/Poznan/Poland

25th March 2014 Malopolski Ogrod Sztuki/Kroki festival /Krakow/Poland

11th April 2014 National Dance Center/Bucharest/Romania

13th April 2014 Theatre School festival/Chisinau/Moldavia

9th Mai 2014 Impart/Mandala Festival/Wroclaw/Poland

1st/3rd/5th/7th/9th August 2014/Fringe Festival/ Edinburgh/Scotland

23rd October 2014 Tmuna festival/Tel Aviv/Israel

15th November 2014 The Currency Festival/The Place/London/ England



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festiwal Kroki


Mandala festival

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