LONG LONG SHORT LONG SHORT (2010) collaboration with Alix Eynaudi

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It is a piece made with love.
It is a case for inside-out ocular witnesses.
It is a dance piece with two dance reporters, noisy shoes, and a poem, trying to get attuned.
It is a duet looking for different means of transportation between dimensions.
It is a dance piece that goes through different modes of doing and looking at dancescapes.
It splits.
It is a time-space machine that tests relationships in a wide sense.
It is the misinterpretation of a duet, choreographed by two women who stretch and shrink each other’s visions, traces and sound-tracks.
It is made for a psycho squirrel.
It is a short long piece made of long short pieces.


A duet in chapters that is made of multiform parts, places, and times, and that travels across very faraway as well as very close distances, both quantitative and qualitative.
Exploring witnessing practices from different fields and in different registers – ranging from so-called objective descriptions to so-called distortive interpretations – it tests modes of associating and attuning different persons, actions, images, atmospheres, sound, lightings, locations, timings, situations, modes of doing and modes of seeing, that is to say relationships at large.
As such, it includes both intra and extra-choreographic arrangements, which might have to negotiate as to make place for one another, namely by stretching out to a maximum, by shrinking until they disappear, or both at the same time…



concept & performance: Alix Eynaudi & Agata Maszkiewicz
artistic collaboration: Paula Caspão
production: Margarita Production for The Other vzw & Lisa Schmidt/VierHochDrei (A)
coproduction: Kaaitheater, Kunstencentrum BUDA
in partnership with WorkSpace Brussels, brut Wien (A), DANS.KIAS studio (A)
with a support of city of Vienna©



premiere 3th & 5th December 2009/ BUDA/ Next festival/Kortrijk/Belgium    5th & 6th February 2010 brut theater/imagetanz/Vienna/Austria                       1st & 2nd April 2010 Kaai theater/Brussels/Belgium                                  9th&10th November 2010 La Ménagerie de Verre/Festival Les Inaccoutumés/Paris/France





der Standard /austria

der Standaard/belgium


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