‘Don Kiewicz & Sancho Waniec’ is a promise of a contemplative performance. It is a piece where nothing happens the way it is expected to happen. It is a dance piece where nobody dances but bodies and objects are put in motion. It is a show that escapes any spectacular representation. It is a piece without a story and with as many Quixotes as public members.

‘Don Kiewicz & Sancho Waniec’ invites the audience to spend time on looking, being there and thinking without getting answers nor guidelines. It proposes a “free-time”. What is offered, is literally a rough material: bricks, sand, tools … surrounding two polish workers who, using objects but as well sounds, melodies, perceptions, are continuously busy with construction. They look like errant knights, going for series of quests, following their own imagination. There is no spectacular fight, no spectacular defeat neither victory. Just endless action of doing. The performers are exposed to the gaze, but never try to show, always staying behind the forth wall. They work hard, staging elements of a puzzle and then leave it raw to the spectators, provoking them to make own connections and to go for their own journey.

To become on their own quixotic.

Don Quixote is a child of desire, of making and becoming, and his adventures are not given or naturally found, but made in some essential ways. He works with whatever raw materials reality happens to offer him. He goes around linking everything to everything else, even when he does not mean it. The process requires patience, some imagination, and quite a bit of trying: composing, erasing, taking out, adding, undoing, remaking, …
It reveals a striking philosophy of ‘make – do’. Kind of Mac Gyverism where non standard, improvised materials are put together or fixed in an unusual way.

‘Don Kiewicz and Sancho Waniec’ is challenging the audience to do the same. To go for a mental Mac Gyverism in making connections between all rough materials that are presented on stage. Rough in a sense of hyper-real, so to say: ready made, non spectacular, minimally transformed, non entertaining, not explained, distanced.

It invites every spectator to become the author and by doing so, to go for a quixotic quest of imagining the real.



premiere: 14th December 2011, brut theatre, Vienna, Austria
duration: 55 min
idea/concept: Agata Maszkiewicz
dramaturgy: Paula Caspão, Vincent Tirmarche
text: Paula Caspão, Agata Maszkiewicz together with Magdalena Chowaniec and Vincent Tirmarche
performance & choreography: Magdalena Chowaniec, Agata Maszkiewicz
costume: Sabine Desbonnets
video/light/sound: Vincent Tirmarche
music: Walking dead cats, Led Zeppelin ‘Moby dick’, rev Pearly Brown ‘Peace will prevail’, Mark Ronson ‘God put a smile on your face’
production: VierHochDrei/Lisa Schmidt, Agata Maszkiewicz
co-production:  brut Vienna, Zeitraumexit Mannheim, Beursschouwburg Brussels,  Art Stations Foundation Poznan
with a support of: City of Vienna, Polish Institute Vienna, Art Centre BUDA/Kortrijk
technical support: Pac’Bô l’ecole d’art/Dignac
special thanks to Oleg Soulimenko, Roberto Gonzales, Tomek Kujaczynski and Tomek Rajtar
diffusion: Marlies Pucher/AUTOMOBILE



September 2011/Under der Prarie festival/Mannheim/Germany
14th -16th December/brut theatre/Vienna/Austria
1st &2nd March 2012/Vooruit/Ghent/Belgium
20th April 2012 /Beurschouwburg/ Bruxelles/Belgium
30th September/WASP/Exploredance festival/Bukareszt/Rumunia/






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